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  • Charles Feelgood
    Charles Feelgood has built a reputation as a DJ in the international dance community through his ingenious remix skills and a dynamic brand of funky disco and hard house.
  • DJ Daniel J
    One of Hawaii's renowned DJ and Promoter
  • DJ FLX
    DJ FLX has created a place for himself and his soulful sound in Hawaii and San Francisco's underground scene
  • DJ Joshua (Iz)
    With well over 100 releases bearing his name, Joshua's production and remix work is respected and in demand worldwide
  • DJ M3 aka Manny
    M3 has proved himself to be an influential character in the development of the SF/SJ house music scene
  • DJ Raoul Belmans (swirl People)
    Raoul deejays extensively worldwide and promoters love to see this friendly bloke coming back to their parties every time.
  • Double-o-Spot (00spot) - The Dj
    He hosts and DJs for 2 separate radio mix shows for well over 10 years in Hawaii
  • DV 1
    DV One has used his fine tuned skills on the wheels of steel to reach the masses.
  • Garth : Grayhound Recording
    With over 50 singles under the belt Garth/Grayhound has been a constant thorn in the side of easy listening House.
  • Mark Farina
    Bringing new music to as many places and expose obscure records that, otherwise, might go hidden.
    three things to say to you love,love,love
  • Mark Grant
    Emerging from a solid tradition of celebrated Chicago house producers
  • Q Burns AKA Michael Donaldson
    His sound is that of a big party going down, unique and diverse house tracks glued together by pure funk
  • Rob Swift
    A dedicated artist, a turntable maverick and the ablist DJ to come along since the form's mixmaster pioneers.
    Since 1992 Stompy has been synonymous with the deep, chunky front-edge house music that has come to be known as the San Francisco sound.
  • The Beat Junkies
    The Beat Junkies, internationally recognized as an unparalleled musical phenomenon
  • DJ Jesse Saunders
    Recognized as not only the "Originator" of House, Electronic and DANCE MUSIC, but its Ambassador as well... View video, links and more...
  • DJ Irene
    America's Top Selling DJ Diva...
    three things to say to you love,love,love

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