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DJ RAOUL BELMANS (swirl people)

Raoul deejays extensively worldwide and promoters love to see this friendly bloke coming back to their parties every time. He's played the UK from London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Dublin and throughout Europe in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Lisbon, Paris. The wide reaching response for the Swirl People projects has also landed him in places like Cape Town, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, almost every major city in the USA, Auckland (NZ), Melbourne (AU), Sydney (AU), El Juarez (Mexico), Almaty (Kazakhstan)... amongst many other clubs, festival and parties worldwide.

Besides being a very skilled and widely appreciated DJ, Raoul remains very busy producing and remixing tracks for more than 8 years now. Over the years releases of him and his partner Dimitri Dewever can be found on record labels such as Global Cuts (R & S) (B), Wally's Groove World (B), Push & Pull (Nl.), Tronicsole / Solemusic (U.K.), Panhandle (U.S.), Seasons (U.S.), Music For Freaks (U.K.), Fast Forward (Fr.), Lowdown Music (U.S), Amentimusic (U.S.), Tango (U.S.). Oomph (U.S.), Odds & Ends (U.S.) under different monikers like Swirl People, Swirl Peepz, Cosy Creatures, Different Noodles, Tiger Sprouts and on the remix level he reworked tunes from Street Corner Symphony, Rozzo, Derrick Carter, Spank Da Monkey, Wam Kidz, Soulsearcher, Wizards of Ooze, Jori Hulkkonen, Fred Everything, Alexander East, JT Donaldson, Jonene and many more. The debut album of his main project Swirl People called "Hi mom, let's dance" was released on the Scottish label Solemusic that hosts artist like DJ Spinna, Phil Asher, Basement Jaxx, Milton Jackson, a.o. and was highly praised by the U.K. press. Their highly anticipated 2004 follow up album "Special Combo", available on Aroma/News, featured already two heavily rotated singles on national Belgian radio including "Lideloo dow dow" and "We used to party" featuring Chi-town dj Heather on vocals.

Raoul's started his own label in 1998 called Aroma in conjunction with Belgium's biggest dance music distribution and record company N.E.W.S.. It can now easily contend with other labels like Classic, Lowdown and many more with its roster containing releases by Cricco Castelli, Swirl People, Sasha Kruger, Da Cuban Heelz, DJD, Lance De Sardi, Zap Mama, DJ Jonene, JT Donaldson, Alexander East, Olivier Desmet (Oh Dee), Deviate, Blasta La Vista, East Coast Boogiemen, Spettro, Miles Maeda, Dizzy, Thomas White, Caucasian Boy, Dan X & Justin Long, John Larner & Slater Hogan, Jazzy Eyewear, Lawnchair Generals with remixes from Miguel Migs, Drop Music's Inland Knights, Guiro, Mazi, Wally Callerio, Volga Select (Ivan Smagghe), Freaks, Lawnchair Generals and Rob Mello.

Following the success of the label Raoul started the radio show "Aroma" on Belgian national radio Studio Brussel since September 2004 joining the team of the infamous Switch dance show. The show is aired every Friday between 10-11pm. This is just another of many successful projects which no doubt led to his recent honors from the Belgian Partyguide Awards for best Belgiun House deejay and best National Producer of 2004. Don't miss Belgium's sweetest DJ export, DJ RAOUL BELMANS!

Complete discography
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1.Swirl Peepz - Lotta fun - Odds and Ends (US) (2004)
2.Swirl People feat. Heather - We used to party - Aroma (Be) (2004)
3.Swirl Peepz - Montevideo - Tango (US) (2004)
4.Swirl People - Special combo (Album) - Aroma (Be) (2004)
5.Swirl People - Lideloo dow dow - Aroma (Be) (2004)
6.Swirl Peepz - Silence / Just a dub sucker - Amenti Music (US) (2004)
7.Swirl People - Bambino EP - Lowdown (US) (2003)
8.Cosy Creatures - Ghetto style EP - Oomph (US) (2003)
9.Swirl People - Remixed bits 2 (w/ Jason Hodges + Mazi remixes) - Aroma (Be) (2003)
10.Swirl People - Watching U (The Dirty Lowdown sampler) - Lowdown (US) (2003)
11.Swirl Peepz vs. East Coast Boogiemen - Double deuce EP part 2 - Amenti Music (US) (2003)
12.Swirl People - Tales of innocence - Tronicsole (UK) (2003)
13.Swirl Peepz vs. East Coast Boogiemen - Double deuce EP part 1 - Amenti Music (US) (2003)
14.Swirl People - Fears instrumental (Solevisions 4 sampler) - Tronicsole (UK) (2003)
15.Swirl Peepz - Reality check EP - Brique Rouge (Fr) (2002)
16.Swirl People - Say Ooh! (w/ Chris Harris remix) - Tronicsole (UK) (2002)
17.Swirl People - Fears (w/ Jonene & Touchdown remix) - Tronicsole (UK) (2002)
18.Swirl Peepz - Tandoori Chicken EP - Amenti Music (US) (2002)
19.Swirl People - Clear choice EP - Lowdown Music (US) (2002)
20.Cozy Creatures - Wanna sing Remixes (w/ Derrick Carter remix) - Push & Pull (Nl) (2002)
21.Swirl People - Dubco trip (Marino Berardi remix) - Wally's Groove World (Be) (2002)
22.Swirl People - Keep running - Aroma (Be) (2002)
23.Swirl People - Hi mom, let's dance (Album) - Solemusic (UK) (2002)
24.Swirl People - Future signs (w/ Inland Knights remix) - Tronicsole (UK) (2001)
25.Tiger Sprouts - Steak out - Music For Freaks (UK) (2001)
26.Different Noodles - Dish #2 - Wally's Groove World (Be) (2001)
27.Swirl Peepz - Hang on - Fast Forward (Fr) (2001)
28.Swirl People - We are - Seasons recordings (US) (2001)
29.Swirl People - Remixed bits (w/ Inland Knights + Shady Agents remixes) - Aroma (Be) (2001)
30.Cozy Creatures - How about some music? (w/ Jori Hulkkonen remix) - Push & Pull (Nl) (2001)
31.Cozy Creatures - Wanna sing - Push & Pull (Nl) (2000)
32.Swirl People - Reflex success EP - Panhandle (US) (2000)
33.Swirl People - EP 2 - Tronicsole (UK) (2000)
34.Cozy Creatures - Lonely nights (w/ Undercover Agency + Jori Hulkkonen remixes) - Push & Pull (Nl) (2000)
35.Different Noodles - Dish #1 - Wally's Groove World (Be) (2000)
36.Swirl People - EP 1 Between cities - Tronicsole (UK) (2000)
37.Swirl People - Save the people - Aroma (Be) (1999)
38.Cozy Creatures - Latin pussy / Lonely nights - Push & Pull (Nl) (1999)
39.Swirl People - Watch gonna do? - Aroma (Be) (1999)
40.Cozy Creatures - Espionage (w/ JT Donaldson + Jori Hulkkonen remixes) - Push & Pull (Nl) (1999)
41.Swirl People - Nutz EP - Wally's Groove World (Be) (1999)
42.Swirl People - Eating all night - Aroma (Be) (1999)
43.Cozy Creatures - Stargazer (Album) - Push & Pull (Nl) (1998)
44.Cozy Creatures - Flirting around - Push & Pull (Nl) (1998)
45.Toothpick - Wonderful nourishment - Global Cuts (Be) (1998)

46.Swirl People - Snack break EP - Wally's Groove World (Be) (1998)
47.Toothpick - Frisky business EP - Global Cuts (Be) (1997)
48.Chilly Deep - Jelly beans - Marguerite (Be) (1997)
49.Toothpick - Eat your greens - Global Cuts (Be) (1997)
50.Swirl People - Noodles in space - Wally's Groove World (Be) (1997)
51.Fortune Cookies - Green lemon EP - Marguerite (Be) (1997)
52.Toothpick - Catch the pigeon - Generations (Be) (1996)
53.Kitchen Crew - Passion EP - Marguerite (Be) (1996)
54.Fortune Cookies - Funky biscuits EP- Marguerite (Be) (1996)
55.Fortune Cookies - Wise up EP- Marguerite (Be) (1996)


1.Jake Childs - Reach around (Swirl Peepz Pitch sauvage mix) - Uniform (US) (2004)
2.Jazzy Eyewear - Let me in (Swirl Peepz remixes) - Icon recordings (US) (2004)
3.Deviate - Groovin' all night (Swirl Peepz remix) - Mobile Trax (UK)(2004)
4.Dom & Alex - Open your eyes (Swirl People remix) - Deep Future (Be) (2004)
5.Phil Weeks - Back for more (Swirl People remix) - Detour recordings (US) (2003)
6.Stevie Sole & Geoff M feat. Open Door - Automatic (Swirl People mixes) - Sole Music (UK)(2003)
7.Deviate - Ich gehe tanzen (Swirl People remix) - Aroma (Be)(2003)
8.Eastbound - Madou (Swirl People remix) - Deep Future (Be) (2002)
9.Yann Fontaine - Changing my emotions (Swirl Peepz remix) - Squareroom recordings (US) (2002)
10.Alexander East - Tears (Swirl People remix) - Simple Soul (US) (2002)
11.Jonene & Touchdown - Are u sure? (Swirl People R sure dub) - Aroma (Be) (2002)
12.Fred Everything presents Afro Love Project - One love (Swirl People remix) - Tronicsole (UK) (2000)
13.New York Thunder - My definition (Food mixture) - Aroma (2000)
14.Wizards of Ooze - Hi Fi Remixed (Swirl People Stereo mix + Mono dub) - Wha? Roots (Be) (2000)
15.Arsenal - Release (Swirl People tension dub) - Cafe del Mar (Sp) (2000)
16.Wam Kidz - CB's groove (Cozy Creatures rework) - Shaboom! (UK) (2000)
17.Skulturisme - Charlie's (Swirl People mix) - Kroquis Disques (Be) (2000)
18.Arsenal - Release (Swirl People tension dub) - Wally's Groove World (Be) (1999)
19.Koenie & Frederik Vs. Spanner - No romance (Swirl People remix) - Wally's Groove World (1999)
20.J.A.W.S. (Jori Hulkkonen) - Polar pimp (Kempele) - Push & Pull (Nl) (1999)
21.Wam Kidz - CB's groove (Cozy Creatures rework) - After Midnight (Nl) (1999)
22.TDN (Tom De Neef) - Feel the groove (Cozy Creatures recreation) - Nightfever (Nl) (1999)
23.Soulsearcher - Can't get enough (Swirl People rub-a-dubco mix) - Legato (Be) (1999)
24.Wally's Combo - Grand bazaar (Cozy Creatures remix) - Wally's Groove World (1999)
25.Street Corner Symphony - Symphonic tonic (Swirl People remix) - Tribeca (Sp) (1999)
26.Superjock - Post modern sounds (Cozy Creatures mix) - Push & Pull (1998)

Upcoming releases:
Swirl People - Play along EP - Aroma (Be) (2005)
Cosy Creatures - Milkshake - AJ (2005)

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